Top Ten Tips On Hiring A Classic Car for Your Wedding

Jaguar Mk2 wedding hire in Warwickshire
Jaguar Mk2 wedding hire in Warwickshire
We have been hiring our classic cars for weddings since we started The Open Road back in 1997 and have been featured in a number of wedding magazines over the years.


In 2015 'Your West Midlands Wedding' magazine asked for our advice - or Top 10 Tips for  hiring classic cars for the big day.


Here They are:


1. Don’t surprise the bride!   Sometimes the groom thinks it will be a good idea to arrange a classic car as a surprise for the bride. NOT a good idea. The colour could be wrong. If the bride’s dress won’t fit in the car, and you won’t know until she tries to get in it as she leaves the church – this will mess up the day, big time. Talk to the bridesmaid, bride’s mother and if necessary the bride.


2. Surprising the groom Is OK.  Men are simple folk and easily pleased. If the groom likes fast or classic cars, he will be happy to pick up a classic car as a surprise. Tell him he is collecting some flowers or table decorations and just give him the address and a pickup time. The Open Road have colluded with brides and best men on many occasions to make this happen, and it never fails.  


3. Careful with the hair.  The bride will have spent more on her hair than the groom will have on his suit. But a convertible classic need not be a problem. Leave the church with the roof down, wave goodbye. Stop round the corner and raise the hood. Stop again just round the corner from the reception. Drop the hood again. Drive in to the reception venue with roof down and hair intact.  


4. Colour IS important.  Grooms tend not to worry about colour, but most brides will have a colour scheme. Searching for a classic car by colour rather than make or model is a perfectly reasonable request.  


5. Will the bride’s dress fit in the car?  Refer to Tip # 1. If you are not sure if the bride and her dress will fit in the car – then ask to see the car. At The Open Road we arrange what we call ‘wedding fittings’ to discuss this with the bride, without giving any details of the dress away to the groom.  


6. You don’t need a chauffeur.  Grooms and best men are always happy to drive themselves. Brides have a different perspective, but you still don’t need a chauffeur. Our brides find that having Dad actually drive them to the wedding, makes the day even more special. One bride even arranged our Jaguar Mk2 as a surprise for her Dad as it was his favourite car!  


7. Guys - don’t choose the Caterham 7.  Our Caterham 7 is great fun. But it is tiny! The driver and passenger are strapped in with 4 point racing harnesses. When you get out of the car your suit will look like you have slept in it. Not a good look for your wedding. And if it rains you WILL get wet.  


8. Make time for a proper handover.  If two people are to drive the car, best man and groom, or bride’s father and then groom, make time before the wedding ceremony for a proper handover so both drivers know how to work the car. Classic cars have a number of foibles so make sure you know how to use all the controls before the crucial moment of driving away from the church.  


9. Warm the car up in good time.  Classic cars don’t have electronics to make them run properly all the time. Most of them still have a choke – remember them? About an hour before the wedding, take the car out for a short run, a couple of miles or so, to make sure it is all warmed up and ready to go.  


10. Groom – try and build in some chill out time.  If a car has been hired for the groom, just driving a couple of miles from the church to the reception can be a bit of an anti-climax. Try and plan the day so that the groom and best man can get an hour to themselves to chill out and just go a nice drive.


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