1974 Triumph TR6 Guidance for Drivers

Triumph TR6 for hire in Warwickshire from The Open Road - Classic Car Hire
Triumph TR6 for hire in Warwickshire from The Open Road - Classic Car Hire
We take every customer for a short driver around our block to give the chance to get used to the controls and understand the foibles of each of our cars.


Each car goes out on hire with a comprehensive information pack and this includes an instruction sheet of how to operate the controls.


Details for our Triumph TR6 are shown below and can be printed off in PDF form by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page.







To Start:


  • When cold:  Turn the ignition key so that the warning lights come on and you can hear the petrol pump. Pull out the choke fully. Turn the ignition key until the engine starts and then press the accelerator when the engine fires. Use choke for the first few minutes pushing it in gradually as the car warms up.
  • When warm:  Do not touch accelerator or use the choke, but turn the key till it fires, then press accelerator.




  • Speed/revs:  Please respect the age of this car and do not take the engine above 5,000 revs. The engine pulls very well even at low engine speeds. You should of course obey all Speed Limits.
  • Gears:  Gear layout is as shown on the gear knob with Reverse to the right of fourth.  The switch for Overdrive is the long right hand stalk on the steering column - up for disengaged, down for engaged.  Overdrive works on 3rd and 4th gears.  For town driving or twisty country lanes it is often easier to stay in 3rd and switch in/out of overdrive than use 4th gear.
  • Handbrake:  Handbrake is standard. Please use the button to release and to apply the handbrake, to avoid wear on the ratchet. ALWAYS PARK IN GEAR.
  • Lights:  The light switch is on the dashboard to the right of the steering wheel. Switch down one position for sidelights, and two positions for headlights.  Dip/Main Beam switch is to the left of the steering column.
  • Horn:  The horn is in the middle of the steering wheel.
  • Fuel tank:  Fill to just below top of filler with 95 Unleaded PETROL - the gauge will then read full. Capacity is 11 gallons (51 litres).  Do not run the petrol tank down below ¼ capacity, as the fuel pump may not always pick up the fuel properly – this can cause airlocks and rough running.
  • Boot: To hold the boot lid up, lift it until the stay on the left hand side clicks into place. To close, lift the lid a little to release the catch, and then gently lower the lid. The spare wheel and jack are in the boot under the floor.  
  • Soft Top: To lower the soft top, undo the two levers above the sun visors, which release the front of the hood.  Then get out of the car and undo the three poppers on each side at the back.  Fold the frame down pulling the softtop away from the frame.  Fold the hood forwards over the frame and then fold the side windows in over the main window.  If this is not done, the frame will damage the hood and we will charge for repairs.  The tonneau cover is in the boot and fits on the same poppers as the hood.  When raising the hood, fix the poppers before closing the windscreen catches.
  • Picnic:  If ordered, this is in the boot with a waterproof rug.


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