Classic Car Hire FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to collate the most frequently asked questions below, but if you are either too busy to read through the whole table, or have a question that isn't covered, then please phone to discuss.




What do I do about insurance?

Our daily hire rates include fully comprehensive insurance for one driver.  If you want more than one person to drive, there is a small surcharge of £25 per day for each additional driver.

How long is a day's hire?

A single day is from 09:00 to 20:00 (8:00 pm) the same day. Multiple days hire is from 09:00 the first day to 20:00 on the last day.

If I want to book a car for longer than a single day do you offer special rates?

We offer four-day hire, for the price of three days and charge only five days for a seven day hire.

Longer hires are possible on request.

Is there a mileage limit?

No. To keep everything simple, and the cost predictable, our rates include unlimited mileage.

Can I take a car down to Le Mans or go touring in Europe?

No. The insurance company will only cover the cars for use on the UK mainland.

Do you show us how to drive the car?

Yes, we give you a brief 'driving lesson' (a drive round a short route) and show you all the controls to ensure you feel comfortable with the car before setting off alone.

We also show you how to lower and raise the hood on our soft-top cars.

What about fuel?

All cars go out full of petrol and the hirers must return them with a full tank. There are a number of petrol stations within a couple of miles of our base and we provide a map showing the nearest.

All of our cars run on Unleaded petrol, some use 95 while some use Super (97 or 98).  We will advise you on the type of fuel suited to the car before you drive it away.

If for some reason you are unable to refuel the car, we will do this for you and charge the fuel and an administration charge to your credit card.

How much deposit is required when booking the car?

We normally take the full cost of the hire at the time of booking.

Can I make a provisional booking without paying a deposit?

Unfortunately no. We have had too many occasions where dates have been booked provisionally and then never confirmed.

We will hold a booking for a maximum of a few days while we are waiting confirmation and payment.

Can I postpone a booking in case of a bad weather forecast?

We will be happy to re-arrange a date, for safety reasons, in the case of severe adverse weather conditions (ice, snow or severe flooding). 

We will not normally re-schedule in case of cold or wet weather.  This is England - it rains!

The one exception to this is our Caterham Super 7. If it rains the occupants will get wet and while the car is great fun on dry roads it is not so much fun on wet roads.  Therefore if the weather forecast is wet for a Caterham hire - we will normally recommend a postponement.

What is the security deposit for?

The security deposit, payable on the day of hire, is to cover the insurance excess and any likely charges that could be incurred

Details are on the website or booking form.   If the hirer cannot refuel the car, receives any parking or speeding fines, or causes any minor damage to the car, then we need to be able to recover these costs. 

It also allows us to charge any excess on insurance claims, should the hirer refuse to pay any invoice raised against damage done up to the excess limit.

Do I have to pay cash for the security deposit?

No. We take a pre-authorisation on a valid credit or debit card to cover the security deposit. 

We do not normally accept bookings from anyone who does not have a credit or debit card, which can be used for this purpose.

How far ahead do I need to book?

During the Summer the cars can be fully booked for up to three or four weekends ahead. Midweek dates may be easier.

If you are flexible on your choice of car or on the date required, then we should be able to accommodate you at short notice.

What happens if the car breaks down?

All cars are covered by RAC breakdown and recovery.  In the event of a problem, you should phone us and we will decide whether we think we may able to fix the problem or whether the RAC should be called.

If we decide that the RAC should be called they will try and fix the car but if they cannot do this, they will bring it back to base.

We keep a stock of the common spares in the boot of each car as the RAC tend not to carry spares for cars from the 1960s and 1970s.

If the car breaks down close to us we will try and come out to you and either resolve the problem ourselves or replace the car with an equivalent, or upgrade you to one from the next price band.

I want to give a present to someone, how do the gift vouchers work?

We print off personalised gift vouchers showing the name of the recipient, relevant date (birthday, Christmas, anniversary etc) and a picture of the car chosen. The vouchers are then valid for a full 12 months from the date of issue.

I want to give a voucher but don't know which car he/she will want to drive?

If you are unsure of which car to choose, we can produce a voucher for any car up to a given value.

Can you provide any gifts to go with the voucher?

We offer a range of coffee mugs, whisky tumblers and beer tankards sporting the relevant company logos.

We also stock some excellent books on each car. 

See our online shop for full details.

I need to keep this a secret as it is a present for my partner - do your envelopes have anything on the outside to identify who/what you are?

No, to ensure confidentiality all mail is sent out in plain envelopes.

If you wish we can post the paperwork to a different address: work, family member, friend or neighbour.

Can you provide a suggested route to take the car?

We include maps and suggested routes in a pack of information that is provided to every hirer and which is relevant to the individual car.  This pack includes the Leisure Drives leaflet which we have produced jointly with Shakespeare Country and a touring map of The Cotswolds.

You can also try out the Test Hills Run on payment of a donation to the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association (GDBA).

Can you deliver the cars?

We may be able to deliver the cars to hotels in the Stratford, Warwick or Leamington areas at no charge, but this is subject to workload. We cannot deliver over long distances and recommend that you stay in a nice hotel or B&B in the area.

Can I hire a car for a wedding?

Yes, although we do ask you to make sure that the cars are not "decorated" in any way (no ribbons, strings of tin cans, crazy foam etc).  We are however used to hoovering confetti out of our cars.

Can you supply a chauffeur for a wedding or a school prom?

We are not licenced to provide chauffeurs.

Are the cars on the web site the only ones you have?

We try to keep the web site up to date so the answer will usually be yes. However from time to time we may have access to other cars so it is always worth asking.

Are the pictures on the web, library pictures or the actual cars for hire?

All the pictures are of the actual cars you can drive.

Can we use the cars for classic car runs?

In principle yes, but we would assess an enquiry based on the type of classic run involved.

Most of the Merlin Events, MSA, Stratford Festival of Motoring or Heritage Motor Centre organised runs are OK.

If a run includes time on circuits or racetracks, this is not covered by the insurance so the hirer will be liable for all costs for any damage caused.

Can we take a car on the Classic Malts or the LeJog?

None of our cars have been prepared for rallying, they are all normal road cars, therefore we would not normally allow the cars out for a classic rally.

Where can we leave our normal everyday car?

You can leave this on our premises (off road) while you are out in your classic car although it is not covered by our insurance so is left at your own risk.

Can you recommend any local hotels?

Go to the Accommodation section on our website.

What if I do not hold a UK driving licence?

We can accept drivers' licences from European Union countries,  Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Switzerland and the USA.  For drivers from other countries we will need to refer to our insurers.



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