Our Triumph Stag is no longer available for hire

We sold it in the winter of 2015


The Triumph Stag is a rare beast on the classic car scene - a true convertible car with four seats. Triumph built the Stag as a short chassis, convertible version of their Triumph 2000 saloon car, but installed their newly designed 2,997 cc V8 engine. This engine was based on the engine from the Triumph Dolomite with two engine blocks with their overhead camshafts wrapped around the central crank shaft.

The soft top folds down completely and disappears beneath a solid tonneau panel behind the rear seats.


A green Triumph Stag featured for a number of years in TV detective series "New Tricks", being driven by Dennis Waterman playing Gerry Standing, one of a group of retired policemen working in a cold case squad.  Sadly Dennis Waterman was 'killed off' in episode 2 of series 12, to be replaced by Larry Lamb and his death was staged around an explosion in his Triumph Stag.  Fortunately the Stag wasn't destroyed in the episode and appeared in an auction at March 2015 - although it did not sell. 


Early Triumph Stags had problems with their engines overheating and the cylinder heads warping.  These problems were resolved by re-designing some of the cooling channels, installing a more efficient radiator and using better anti-freeze.  Even though Triumph fixed the engine problems, they had harmed the reputation so much that it killed off the car leading to it acquiring the nickname 'Triumph Snag'.  Some owners swapped the engine either for the Triumph 6 cylinder 2.5 pi engine that was fitted to the 2.5 PI Saloon or for the more robust, more reliable, Rover V8 engine.  Now that the Stag is regarded as a true classic, cars with non standard engines are worth less than cars with the genuine Triumph Stag V8 engine.


The Triumph Stag is more of a Grand Tourer than an out and out sports car, its 145 BHP engine taking it to a maximum speed of 118 mph at around 22 mpg.  The majority of the Stags (about 75%) were fitted with automatic gearboxes, but ours is one of the more desirable cars fitted with a manual gearbox with overdrive.  Our Stag had only two owners before we bought it and covered very little mileage during its previous ten years during which time it was extremely well looked after.  As the Stag was the luxury end of the Triumph car range this is the only car on our classic fleet that has electric windows and power assisted steering. 


Finished in white with tan trim, the Stag is ideal for touring for four adults, or to fill with a bride and her bridesmaids!  There is even enough room in the front of car to accommodate a bride wearing a full size bridal gown.




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