Rod Wicks wrote up his experience of hiring our MGB Roadster in the February 2016 

Solent MG Owners Club Newsletter

Rod Wicks of the Solent MG Owners Club emailed us after seeing our article in the February 2016 edition of Enjoying MG Magazine.  Rod and his wife had hired our MGB Roadster way back in 2001 and then went on to buy one of their own.


He wrote up his experience under the title "How Our MG Adventure Started".


The eagle eyed amongst you will notice that our MGB is still sporting silver painted wire wheels as this was before we had replaced them with centre lock MiniLite alloy wheels and wider tyres.





(by Rod Wicks)


As most of you are members of the MGOC, I am sure you will have seen the article by Tony Merrygold on page 40 in the February edition of “Enjoying MG” about the business he set up in 1997 called The Open Road Classic Car Hire.  


Now Mr Merrygold has got a lot to answer for – he even worked for IBM like me before I took early retirement.  In the Spring of 2001, I was wracking my brain to think of a suitable birthday present for Maxine.  My daughters were goading me to buy her an MGB but although she had always had a passion for them, I was not sure if she could even reach the pedals! I had found a restored car at an MG garage in Curdridge and had the image of whisking her there on the morning of her birthday, taking off the dust sheet to reveal a gleaming Tartan Red MGB. However, it could have been a case of hugs and kisses or what the **** have you done! Common sense kicked in and that idea was quickly put on the back burner. 


As an alternative, I decided to try and locate someone who hired out classic cars and this is where Tony Merrygold comes into the story.  I contacted him and found that he had a 1969 red MGB Roadster for hire so I went ahead and booked it together with a long weekend break in the Cotswolds.  We had a brilliant weekend as can be seen in the attached photos.  Imagine my surprise when I read the above mentioned article a few weeks ago to find that not only is Tony’s business still flourishing but that he also still has the MGB Roadster – SNV 650G.  


Following that weekend adventure, friends and family kept asking “are you going to get one then?”  We had two large dogs at that time so an MGB was totally impracticable.  However, later that Spring a volunteer friend and colleague at the Watercress Line informed me that he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. 


On the way Maxine in the MGB they bought after hiring ours.home that evening the realisation that life is a lottery was on my mind together with the old adage of ‘don’t put off to tomorrow what you can do today’. 


The rest of the story is history because within a few weeks we had located a suitable 1966 Tartan Red Roadster at Maidstone Sports Cars in Kent and 15 years ago we became the proud owners of OPA 900D.  


Rod Wicks


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