Mk2 Engine Breather

Jaguar Mk2 engine breather piped into rear carburettor
Jaguar Mk2 engine breather piped into rear carburettor
When we bought our Jaguar Mk2 in March 2014 I hadn’t noticed, or thought about, what had been done with the engine breather when the standard Jaguar air cleaner was swapped.


It was only later that I noticed that the rubber pipe from the vent at the front of the head was just open to the air.


When the engine was re-built the large round Jaguar air cleaner had been removed and replaced with a pair of chrome SU embossed air filters bolted direct to the carbs. I am not that concerned about everything being factory correct so this didn’t bother me.  


It looked pretty good showing off the aluminium rocker covers and made the spark plugs easily accessible without the need to remove the frying pan sized air cleaner.


Fortunately as the engine had been rebuilt it didn’t seem to be chucking out much in the way of oil fumes, so short term I just installed a round windscreen washer bottle and fed the breather hose into this. After a year this had accumulated very little oil but I really needed a way of feeding this into the carbs in some way to be burnt off as designed. I looked at a variety of ways of fixing a connection to the back of one of the SU air cleaners and piping into this but couldn’t quite see a way of doing this tidily.


We also have an Austin Healey 3000 MkIIa on our classic hire fleet which is fitted with a pair of SU HD6 carburettors, the same as the Mk2.  This came fitted as standard with pancake type metal air cleaners, one of which has a pipe to take the hose from the Austin Healey rocker cover breather. AH Spares offer a choice of painted or chrome air cleaners.


I bought and fitted a chrome pair installing the one with the pipe to the rear carburettor. As the frying pan cleaner is not installed the aluminium of the rockers covers and inlet manifold are on display, as are the chrome air cleaners, so rather than just connecting a rubber hose all the way to the vent I decided to run part of this as chrome plated pipe.  


Neither concours nor too bling but at least now the engine breather feeds in through one of the carbs so the oil fumes are burnt off and all the chrome looks good with the aluminium.




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