The Open Road Classic Car Hire Gift Vouchers

Why not buy a gift voucher for Christmas and valid for a full 12 months.  We personalise the vouchers with a picture of the chosen car and the recipient's name.  You can then take the car out in the Spring or Summer when the weather is at its best and you will really enjoy the pleasures of driving a classic car.
Gift Vouchers from The Open Road make ideal Christmas presents

As we have decided to retire from running The Open Road at the end of October 2017 we are not able to provide any Gift Vouchers with an expiry date beyond 31 October 2017.

So while our personalised Gift Vouchers make an ideal present dated on the actual birthday or anniversary date, all vouchers will need to be used by the end of October 2017.  Any new vouchers will include details to this effect.



Each gift voucher is printed off individually and shows a picture of the chosen classic car, the recipient's name and the appropriate date (birthday, anniversary, retirement etc).  Previously gift vouchers were always valid for 12 months from the date shown but any vouchers produced after 1 July 2017  will have an expiry date of, and need to be used by 21 October 2017.




If you are unsure of which classic or sports car to choose as a present, then the cars are priced in Bands and you can opt for a gift voucher that says "Any classic car up to Band C or D or G" or similar.  Each voucher comes complete with a copy of our current brochure allowing the recipient to make his/her own choice of classic car at a date to suit them.


Alternatively you can just put a specific amount of money on a gift voucher, towards the hire of a classic car, and the recipient can then make his/her own choice of which classic car to drive, and pay the difference, if appropriate, when booking the car. If you do book a car for a specific day's driving, we can still produce an appropriately dated Gift Voucher as a souvenir.  


So that there is no danger of giving the game away, all our post is sent out in plain envelopes and we don't use a franking machine.


Sometimes just opening an envelope isn't much of a present so you may want to buy a book, coffee mug or engraved tankard, as a tangible present to accompany the voucher.


Our classic cars are enjoyed at their best in good weather, so why not give him a book about his favourite Austin Healey, MG, Triumph or Jaguar. The car can then be hired out when the good weather arrives in the Summer.


Keeping a secret  


We are past masters at all the subterfuge needed to help keep a surprise present a secret.

  • If there is a risk of your post being opened by your partner, we can send the gift voucher and Christmas present to your work address or to a neighbour or other family member.
  • All of our post goes out in plain envelopes or plain packaging with nothing on the outside to give the game away. 

  • It is necessary to complete an insurance form before the hire but we have agreed with our insurers that this may be signed by someone other than the driver.
  • We need to photocopy the driver's licence, but this can be done on the day so you don't have to find it in advance.
  • Many of our customers just turn up on our doorstep without even knowing where they were going. The penny normally drops as they drive through our gate to find the chosen classic car facing them.  Many of them are relieved to know they aren't parachuting out of an aeroplane or going up in a hot air balloon.
  • A few people have even arrived wearing blindfolds, but this isn't normally necessary.
  • We have delivered cars to hotels and for one wedding the groom was told he was collecting the flowers. Much to his amazement, he received an E-Type instead.
  • Short of wrapping the car or disguising it as something else, we are happy to collude with our customers to keep the secret for as long as possible.



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