1965 Ford Mustang Fastback GT Guidance for Drivers

1965 Ford Mustang Fastback GT For Hire in Warwickshire
1965 Ford Mustang Fastback GT For Hire in Warwickshire
We take every driver on a short trip around the block to give the chance to get used to the controls and understand the foibles of each of our cars.


Each car goes out on hire with a comprehensive information pack and this includes an instruction sheet of how to operate the controls.


Details for our Ford Mustang Fastback GT are shown below and can be printed off in PDF form by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page.

To Start:


When cold: Mark sure the gear lever is in NEUTRAL. Insert the ignition key, turn on the electrics. Press the accelerator once to the floor to prime the carburettor and then start. Press the accelerator when the engine fires.  The car has an automatic choke and it may run a little rough until it warms up fully and settles down to a steady idle. 


When warm: Mark sure the gear lever is in NEUTRAL . Turn the key until it fires, then press the accelerator.  If the car does not start first time when it is warm, it is possible to 'flood' the engine whereby the spark plugs become too wet with petrol to fire.  If this happpens the engine will spin but not fire.  Press the accelerator flat to the floor, and hold it there, to completely open the carburettor.  Turn the key.  The engine will turn a couple of times, blowing out the excess petrol and will then fire.  As soon as it fires, lift the foot off the accelerator pedal and it should idle as normal.




  • Speed/revs Please respect the age of this car and don’t try to over rev it, although the rev counter reads to 6,000 you will find 4,000 more than adequate.  The V8 delivers a lot of torque so avoid accelerating hard when the road is wet or may otherwise be slippery.
  • Gears: Manual gearbox with four forward speeds in the usual layout, with Reverse to the left of 1st.  
  • Handbrake: The handbrake lever is under the dash board to the left of the steering wheel. Press the footbrake down hard and then pull the handle towards you. Turn anti-clockwise to release and push forwards.  
  • Mustang handbrakes were never very good so always PARK in gear .  
  • Wheels: The car is fitted with alloy wheels with modern 205/65 R15 radial tyres. Punctures In the event of a puncture the spare wheel, jack and wheel brace are in the boot.  The spare wheel is a standard size steel wheel so treat it as a space saver and restrict speed to 50 mph when in use.
  • Lights: The light switch is on the left of the dashboard marked. Pull out first click for sidelights, second click for headlights. The Dip/Main Beam switch is on the floor to the left of the clutch pedal. The dashboard lights can be dimmed by turning the light switch – right to dim, left for bright.  
  • Indicators: The indicator switch is on the left hand (only) stalk.  
  • Horn: The horn is operated by pressing the centre of the steering wheel.  
  • Fuel tank: Fill with Premium 95 Unleaded Petrol by removing the large Ford Mustang logo in the centre of the rear panel. Capacity is 12.8 gallons (55 litres ). At around 12 - 15 mpg a full tank should be enough to cover 150-170 miles. Do not allow the fuel tank to go below ¼ Full.  
  • Boot: The boot is opened by inserting the key and unlocking it. As the boot can only be opened with the key, make sure the key isn't inadvertently put in the boot before closing the lid.


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