Driving a Left Hand Drive car in the UK

Ford Mustang Convertible for hire in Warwickshire
Ford Mustang Convertible for hire in Warwickshire

Like all production Mustangs ours is Left Hand Drive and although it is extremely popular we do occasionally have customers who worry about driving a left hand drive car in the UK while everybody else is driving right hand drive.

There are only two areas you really need to think about:

1. The controls

2. Road positioning




  • Our Mustang Convertible has a three speed automatic gearbox with the Ford 'Cruise-O-Matic' option that allows the car to move off in either 1st or 2nd gear depending on the road conditions.
  • The pedals are in the same positions as a normal RHD automatic car: 
    • Left    - Brake 
    • Right   - Accelerator

  • The gear-lever is on your right so you will be changing gear with your right hand rather than your left hand – this only takes about 20 seconds to get used to.
  • All normal controls are within easy reach.
  • The rear view mirror is in the centre of the screen, so you need to look to your right rather than your left.  The Mustang is fitted with mirrors on both doors as well.
  • Once seated this will all become completely natural – mainly because you have a massive door to your left and lots of space and probably a passenger to your right.  

Road positioning  


There are two things to bear in mind while driving the car: 

  • Normally you are sitting on the right of the car so when driving along you are close to the white line down the centre of the road, or at the right hand edge of your lane. 
    • You are now sitting further left than normal so you may have a slight tendency to drift towards the right of the lane or towards the centre of the road. 
    • Be aware of this and it won’t be a problem. 
    • Your passenger is likely to mention if you start to drift out.
  • The only thing that may be an issue is trying to overtake. 

    • Normally you’ll pull out a little, and being on the right hand side of the car could easily see past the car in front and see what if anything is coming towards you. 
    • As you are now on the left of the car, to see past the car in front you would have to pull out more than ¾ of the width of the car. This isn't a good idea. 
    • On motorways and dual carriageways there is normally enough space to see around the car in front without this being a problem. 
    • On single carriageway roads there generally won’t be enough space to pull out far enough so it is safer if you just ease off, relax, listen to the burble of the Ford V8 and enjoy cruising.  


When you come to collect our Ford Mustang at the start of the hire period, we will take you for a quick test drive around a 1 mile long block and this will be enough time to familiarise yourself with the controls and get used to the road positioning.


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