What happened in 1970, the year that our Jaguar E-Type was built?

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January 12 Biafra surrenders after 32 month fight for independence from Nigeria.
February Triumph Stag Launched.
March 1 Rhodesia declares Independence.
March 13 First Production Triumph Stag off the Line.
Hillman Avenger launched.
April 10 Paul McCartney announces that the Beatles have disbanded.
May 1 US troops invade Cambodia.
May 31 Earthquake in Peru kills 50,000.
June 18 Edward Heath is elected Prime Minister of United Kingdom.
July 21 Aswan High Dam in Egypt completed.
August Range Rover Launched.
September 1 Our E-Type was built.
September 13 E-Type registered BBB 266J
October 26 US and Soviet space researchers meet in Moscow.
November 9 Charles de Gaulle dies – he is buried November 13.
December 7 UN general assembly supports the isolation of South Africa due to its apartheid policies.
Total UK Car Production 1,640,966
World Population 3.706 Billion
Medicine/Science IBM introduces the floppy disk.  

Bar codes introduced in England.  

LCD invented in Switzerland.  

US FDA warns that birth control pills may cause blood clots.

Wimbledon Champions Margaret Court beat Billie Jean King 

John Newcombe beat Ken Rosewall

Films MASH  

Patten (George C Scott won Best Actor Oscar)  

Love Story  


Music The Beatles break up 

Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin die of drug overdoses

Simon and Garfunkel release Bridge Over Troubled Water


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